Human rights in Brazil

In view of Yardena’s thought-provoking lecture on urbanisation and human rights in Brazil, this article based on an Amnesty International report is very timely and relevant. The Right to the City that we discussed, and issues of human rights in urban settings are becoming more and more urgent as the world becomes more urbanised in increasingly large cities. The need to assert a right to housing or access to basic resources may seem removed from many of our experiences in a country like New Zealand, but a lack of adequate housing or being forced from one’s house to make way for ‘development’ in the form of highways or Olympic preparations are very real concerns for millions of people in contexts like Brazilian favelas. I thought this article might help to provoke some thoughts about some of the issues that emerge in large urban centres and how that can impact on human rights, as well as providing some more background to Yardena’s discussion of the Brazilian context.

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