What do you think about the UN?

This week we have been addressing the UN and its place in International Relations, and it’s been pretty heartening to hear some thoughts and personal opinions and to have some debate going on in tutorials. If you are interested in the UN, from whatever perspective, and want to get an idea of how it operates, see some positives and negatives around organising nearly 200 groups to debate on a certain issue and experience the joys and frustrations of diplomatic negotiations then you may be interested in having a look at the UN Youth and the associated Model UN conference in Canberra this July (AMUNC). Although your first thought on model UNs may be that episode of the Simpsons, or alternatively you have no idea about model UNs and wouldn’t know where to start, they are great experiences, easy for newcomers to get to grips with, and really are very informative, not least because they can really help you to decide where you stand on certain issues. You may find that they help give you a new perspective on the UN. You’ll also usually end up meeting some like-minded people who you can endlessly debate with, and overall it is just a lot of fun. If you are interested, check out http://unyouth.org.nz specifically have a look at National Events- AMUNC is coming up in July and registrations are now open. Vicky Clarke is organising this year’s delegation to AMUNC, and you can email her if you are interested or want more information- victoria.clarke@unyouth.org.nz

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