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Hi Everyone,

I’m Elizabeth (Lizzie) Chan and I was in the Politics341 class this semester. I’m standing as a candidate for the OneYoungWorld conference which will be held in London in 2010.  The conference is seeking 2 young leaders from every country in the world to attend and will get to work with “counsellors” at the conference including Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof, including many other guests. I would love to represent New Zealand there and to meet some of the most inspiring political leaders of all time! In order to get there, I need as many votes as possible and if I’m voted in, I’ll have to raise 3000 euros to get there.

If you’ve got a minute, please read my candidacy profile and vote for me! More information about the conference can be found here too:

Thank you.

– Elizabeth

My candidacy profile:

Elizabeth Chan

New Zealander

Kia Ora, I’m Elizabeth! I have met so many inspiring and diverse young people who have shown me the power and potential of youth to make a difference. Young people are not the apathetic individuals we are told we are, but so many of us care very deeply about issues that affect us locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. I have no doubt that it is the energy of youth that will allow society to evolve and move forward – let’s make our vision for the world a reality. Continue reading